Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Cheats: 5 Beginner Tips you need to know! Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Combat Limit Tips.

When the specified daily combat limit is exceeded, the experience and loot rate will begin to decrease.
The combat duration is restored to 300 minutes at 5:00 AM (GMT +7) daily, and the unused combat duration can be accumulated up to a max of 600 minutes (Maximum total: 900min).
PVP is not included in the combat duration. MINI and MVP are not affected by the rules of loot reduction.
If you are in a team during the reduction period, you alone will be bound by the rules of reduction and your Party members fight, the combat duration will be shared with all Party members in the map.
The Mentor who holds a valid Premium can earn 30% of the effective combat duration from different students, up to a maximum of 120 minutes of effective combat duration per day.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Attributes Tips.

Attributes Mobile Version of the Game (Ragnarok M Eternal Love)
Strength: Increases ATK of players of Melee jobs.
Agility: Increases ASPD and Flee.
Vitality: Increases MAX HP, HP Regen speed and Def.
Intelligence: Increases M.Atk, MDef, Max SP and Mana recovery speed.
Dexterity: Increase Atk, Hit and Chant Speed of players long-range jons.
Luck: Increases Crit, Crit Def and Hit rate of abnormality.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Account Security Tips.
Once enabled, the following actions will require a security code.
1. Deleting Character.
2. Deleting Friends, guild related
3. Buying, selling and sending gifts in Exchange.
4. Equipment upgrades: socketing, enchantment, refining, decomposition.
5. Buy and sale on Auction House

Exchange Tips.

The exchange uses Zeny to trade, and the exchange prices are set by appraisers.
Of course, it will raise or lower the price accordingly based on the actual trade.
The item's price fluctuates with the market;
Enhances, Card inserted equipment on the shelf will be automatically restored, Zeny and cards will be returned.
The exchange takes a certain fee for items that are put up for trade.
Once the trade is successful, a certain amount of trade tax will be collected.
If the item hasn't been sold within 24 hours, it will expire, and be returned to the seller.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Premium VIP Tips.
Before fatigue time, Loot and EXP of normal wild monsters increases by 33%.
During use time, Base Exp gained from battle increase 5%.
During use time, Job Exp gained from battle increase 5%.
During use time, output of Honor Proof increases by 10%.
After use, get the monthly exclusive headdress for free.
During use time, Auto battle skill slot + 1.
During use time, Bag slot + 30.
While active, pets can work in 1 more place at a time.
While active, pet working place "Kafra Company" is available.
During use time, when pets give themselves gifts, the number gifts will double.
During use time, no level limit for taking out items from stash.
You can have one B level food from the Food Merchant for free everyday, and purchase on more for half price.
During use time, Kafra can transport you to more places.

Download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gravity.romg&hl=en_US

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  1. O que é esses comandos verdes em cima da tela?

  2. what does it mean by Before fatigue time, Loot and EXP of normal wild monsters increases by 33%.?

    1. yes. Before Fatigue time (Green Stamina or your Stamina is not at the limit yet) You'll gain 33% bonus exp and loot rate.


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