Gacha Life Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Gems, Redeem Promo Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Dress up, create scenes, play mini games, explore and gacha in Gacha Life!

This tutorial guide will help you get started!

These are several key features in Gacha Life!
Let's go over some things you can do in Gacha Life!

  • Dress Up
  • Studio Mode
  • Mini Games
  • Gacha
  • Life Mode

Gacha Life Tip #1: Dress Up your Characters!

There are many ways to dress up your own unique characters!
Customize up to 20 different characters and share your creations with friends!
Dress up cute characters! Design the perfect look!
Get creative with your scenes! What will you make?
There are many possibilities to choose from!

Gacha Life Tip #2: Make Scenes in Studio Mode!

Create scenes with up to 8 characters!
Select a background, pose your characters, make them talk and interact!
Do your best and try to rank high in the leaderboards!
Set up any kind of scene you want!

Be sure to watch Gacha Life videos on YouTube!

Gacha Life Tip #3: Play Mini Games to Win Games!

There are eight different mini games to win free gems in!
Test your gaming skills out to score high on the leaderboards!
Play the BONUS game to win double gems!
There are lots of cute gifts! Try and collect them all!

Gacha Life Tip #4: Gacha for Gifts and Characters!

There are over 120 gifts and characters to collect!
Gacha to unlock the gift as a prop in Studio mode, and use gifts to give to NPC's for friendship points!

Gacha Life Tip #5: Become Friends with NPCs in Life Mode!

Explore around in Life Mode to meet many NPCs!
Learn about them and reaise their friendship level to raise your main level!

Gain a level for each NPC by doing ~
Reach level 3, 10 and Complete Quiz.

Gacha Life Redeem Promo: Enter a 9 digit Promo Code: 02386196732
Reward: 200 Gems

Download Gacha Life


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