Triple Hearts Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Attacking, Guild, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Triple Hearts Tip #1: Gameplay.

The goal is simple, kill all the enemy heroes or destroy the enemy bases to win.
Tap the hero icon to summon him to the battlefield.
Mana will recharge after summoning a hero.
You can summon units with recharged Mana.
Summoning a unit requires as much as the cost of the unit.

Tap the enemy to attack.
Skills can change the tide of battle with their power and effects.
Tap the hero's skill icon to activate skill.
Destroying all enemy bases will ensure your victory.
Summon units and attack the enemy base with the heroes!

[Cutting and Chopping] charges at enemies and chops them. Tap behind the enemy units.
Reuse [Cutting and Chopping] within 5 seconds. He charges back to starting position and damages enemies again.
Final Blow focuses and attacks towards a chosen direction. Tap where to use the skill..

Triple Hearts Tip #2: Deck

A deck consists of  3 heroes and 5 units. Get more heroes and units to create more diverse decks.
Our ally hero's HP is low. Bring the hero near the ally base to recover HP.
Switching will help take out your opponent!
The maximum amount of mana and mana recovery speed increase every minute.
In order to strengthen your heroes, equipment is a must. I'll tell you how to craft equipment.
Your units also have to be strong enough to support your heroes. Let's upgrade the units as well.
Your heroes will gain more stats and upgrade their skills after transcending.
You'll need a lot of hero tokens to transcend heroes, so keep your hero tokens safe and use them to transcend your heroes!

Triple Hearts Tip #3: Guild.

A guild is a place for players to communicate.
Guild Square: Find and register to a guild at the Guild Square.
Recommended Guild: A guild is recommended to you to join.
Some guilds will accept you automatically up registering and other guilds will review your request by the guild masters.
Guild Registration List: It shows which guilds you have to registered to join.
Search Guild: You can search and choose a guild.
Create Guild: Choose how you want to recruit your guild members (automatically or manually) and set your guild's symbols, name, introduction and notice.
You need to be at Silver 1 or higher and use 30,000 Gold to create a guild.
My Guild: You can check your guild and guild member's information.
The guild master can also change guild symbol and notice.
Guild Master -> Guild Master Information.
At guild master information, you can disband your guild.
(All guild members will be kicked out after disbanding and you cannot join another guild for 24 hours.)
Guild Master -> Guild Member Information.
You can appoint a vice guild master (max 1), give the guild master authority, and kick out guild members.
Guild Member -> Guild Member Information.
You can leave the guild. (Cannot join another guild for 24 hours).
Guild Chat: You can chat with other guild members and check the guild's main information.
Guild Management: At guild management, both the guild master and the vice guild master can change guild introduction, recruiting method, and accept or decline request to join the guild.


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