Logistics Basics/Teleport Service Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love: Guide and Answers.

Logistics Basics
Find and talk with Elodie, Sakura and Sicily nearby respectively, Then reply to Cadele.

Elodie Kafra's Clerk
Kafra has a history of 5800 years. So in Al De Baran, where the head office is located, when the grand clock tower was being built, our company was a major sponsor.
But later the tower had a terrible incident. Our company had sent a team to it, but the team dissappeared and the company suffered a great loss. So our staff rarely approach there, that's horrible.

Sakura Kafra's Clerk
That's right, Al De Baran has a fairly advanced canal system, which uses windmills built in villages to extract groundwater and form artificial canals. Understanding the topography there helps you better provide logistics and storage services.

Located in Al de Baran, it is a city with advanced alchemy industry, the alchemy school is also here. So many of our guests are alchemist and canal dockers.
Oh, I almost forgot; because of the incident in the clock to…

Combat Stamina EXP/ Drop Rates and Penalty for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love has a Fatigue System to prevent overgrinding or abusing afk grind.

Combat Stamina EXP/ Drop Rates Ratio to the Combat Stamina Used.
0-300 (360 Max Music) Stamina = (100% Exp & Drop Rates for Non Premium)|(133% Premium).
310 (370 Max Music) Stamina = (94% Exp & Drop Rates for Non Premium)|(98% for Premium).
330 (390 Max Music) Stamina = (83% Exp & Drop Rates for Non Premium)|(87% for Premium).
350 (410 Max Music) Stamina = (72% Exp & Drop Rates for Non Premium)|(75% for Premium).
370 (430 Max Music) Stamina = (61% Exp & Drop Rates for Non Premium)|(64% for Premium).
390 (450 Max Music) Stamina = (50% Exp & Drop Rates for Non Premium)|(52% for Premium).
410 (470 Max Music) Stamina = (39% Exp & Drop Rates for Non Premium)|(41% for Premium).
430 (490 Max Music) Stamina = (28% Exp & Drop Rates for Non Premium)|(29% for Premium).
450 (510 Max Music) Stamina = (17% Exp & Drop Rates for Non Premium)|(18% for Premium).
470 (530 Ma…

Mogarda Time Quest Berserk [1] Minstrel Quest Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love: Guide and Answers.

Mogarda Time Hannesson Winter

In Ysmir's story, what monster did Hand in Shadow destroy?
Dracula                  <--- Answer

Second Question, In Los Rabil' story, what organization did Los Rabil join in the end?
Adventure's Guild
Hand of Goddess   <--- Answer
Assassin's Guild

Third question. In Gain Noth's story who was the girl Gain Noth loved?
Doctor Noya
Che                        <--- Answer

Answers: Dracula, Hand of Goddess, Assassin's Guild.

Looks like you are pretty familiar with our stories.


The canal city welcomes its new visitor from afar. Are you willing to hear me out?
Today let's talk about the story of Mogada Time.
A beautiful woman ran in the forest with the night sky reddened by fire.
The scared child in her arms looked at his mom with widened eyes.
With thunderous footstep getting closer, the woman gasped for air but no longer have the strength to keep running.
My boy... The woman gave her…

Tiny Gladiators 2 Cheats: 5 Warrior Heroes Tips you need to know! Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Tiny Gladiators 2 Tip #1: Warrior Fighting Tips.

Warrior is the only melee class fighter in the game.
It has highest hp growth compared to other classes and has a powerful skill if you use it wisely.
However if you are facing a dodgy class such as the archer, who preferably wants to fight at distance, you should carefully pick your moves to be able to fight at close distance.
The skill of a warrior is the charge. Charge is a powerful skill that can be use as offense and defense as well.

Tiny Gladiators 2 Tip #2: Warrior vs Archer.

If you are a Warrior and you face an Archer, obviously you should be near at the archer most of the time.
Archer has a skill Rapid Fire which rapidly fire arrows at rapid rate. Fortunately Rapid Fire is the  most difficult skill to efficiently use it.
If you think that the archer would use the Rapid Fire skill, just jump always but don't forget to attack while jumping. If you jump, you can dodge the Rapid Fire skill at higher chance or receive less damage…

Quest GLC.A014 File Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love: Guide and Answers.

You've found those stardust Shards. I have an extra reward for you. A friend left it here for the destined one

The GLC.A014 File of the Schmidt House has been unlocked... Would you like to read?

During a certain period of time, the lord of the Fire Throne captured many wandering poets and kept them in the palace to study documents from the god era.
There must be some reasons for the lord to be this interested in ancient documents so suddenly. I don't think he was actually into the documents themselves.
He also sent an expedition to search for something in the dragon area.
I guest the lord was looking for the ring lost in the dragon valley in ancient times which is believed to be able to command the dragons.
I wonder if he found it. To confirm this, I stayed in this wild jungle in the dragon valley for months and finally encountered the legendary, mysterious army.

I saw that ring. It was still on the dark leader's left hand.

They are called the black army. They are…

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Cheats: 5 Beginner Tips you need to know! Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Combat Limit Tips.

When the specified daily combat limit is exceeded, the experience and loot rate will begin to decrease.
The combat duration is restored to 300 minutes at 5:00 AM (GMT +7) daily, and the unused combat duration can be accumulated up to a max of 600 minutes (Maximum total: 900min).
PVP is not included in the combat duration. MINI and MVP are not affected by the rules of loot reduction.
If you are in a team during the reduction period, you alone will be bound by the rules of reduction and your Party members fight, the combat duration will be shared with all Party members in the map.
The Mentor who holds a valid Premium can earn 30% of the effective combat duration from different students, up to a maximum of 120 minutes of effective combat duration per day.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Attributes Tips.

Attributes Mobile Version of the Game (Ragnarok M Eternal Love)
Strength: Increases ATK of players of Melee jobs.
Agility: Increases ASPD and Flee.

MU Titans Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Gift Exchange Activation Codes, Diamonds, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

MU Titans Tip #1: Daily Bound Diamonds from ingame Daily Activities/Events/Dungeons:

-Achivement at Fame badge 60times usage daily
-Fixed Daily Active 20-130 added rewards (8k bound diamonds, 20000 star soul, 70000 Crystal, Deity Gem)
-Fixed Arena reward adjusted now top1 can get 99 chaos and high amount of fame rewards
-Daily Task rewards bound diamonds from 0 to 250
-Assault Task rewards bound diamonds from 50 to 250
-Blood Castle Coffin Rewards have 1 Deity Gem
-Team Dungeon Rewards adjusted more rewards ingame
-Team Dungeon Entry x3 Per Day
-Rainbow Crystal Dig Amount increased into 250 per Dig
-Crystal Dig time is reduced for faster digging

MU Titans Tip #2: Custom Features: 
Free Unbound Diamonds
-Online for 30mins automatically gain 100 Diamonds ingame
-Custom Drop 100 Diamonds upon killing Elite Monster every map
-Custom Drop 100k Unbound Diamonds (Event Kill Angel Shrine Boss Angel of Despair (Hell)).
-Custom Event Boss Invasion Scheduled every Saturday 10:00 PM onwards +8GMT.