Aladdin: Lamp Guardians Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Allies, Pets, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Aladdin: Lamp Guardians for Android/iOS Tip #1: Battle System. ALD uses a turn-based combat system.
When you start a battle, you have 30 seconds to prepare or make changes to your team.
Once the preparation timer runs out, or both sides are done with their preparations, the battle commences.
Each character's order in battle is determined by their speed values.
When the battle ends, or when all characters have used their turns, the next battle round starts.

Aladdin: Lamp Guardians for Android/iPhone/iPad Tip #2: Tribe.
There are nine Tribes in the game and each Tribe is unique. You can choose which
Tribe you want your Character to belong to.

Warrior: Physical Tribe. Single target attacker with explosive strength.Inquisitor: Control Tribe. Inflicts confusion to interfere with the enemy.Guardian: Physical Tribe. Nuker with physical area attacks.Shaman: Support Tribe. Raises the fallen, heals health, buffs allies.Doctor: Support Tribe. Negates control, heals health, curses enemies.Fig…

Crazy Defense Heroes Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Chests, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Crazy Defense Heroes Android,iPhone,iPad Tip #1: What is a Slime Invasion? What is a Slime Chest? Slime Invasion is a special Event which includes 15 special levels, featuring Slime enemies.

There are 3 modes for players to challenge:
- Normal: Unlocks at Avatar Level 12
- Hard: Unlocks at Avatar Level 25
- Crazy: Unlocks at Avatar Level 35

Methods to get a Slime Chest:
Method 1:
Upon completing all 15 special levels, players will be rewarded with a special chest that contains one NEW card only ONCE PER MODE:
- Normal: ONE 2 Star Card Guaranteed
- Hard: ONE 3 Star Card Guaranteed
- Crazy: ONE 4 Star Card Guaranteed

Method 2:
Purchase a Slime Chest: Players can purchase it with 600 Gems during the Event period.

*Note: Slime Chest will have different rewards based on the methods (earned or purchased)

Crazy Defense Heroes Android,iOS Tip #2: What is Mineshaft Invasion? What is Mineshaft Chest? Mineshaft Invasion is a special Event which includes 15 special levels, featuring Mineshaft en…

Nonstop Knight 2 Cheats: 8 Quick Tips for Shovel Knight, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Shovel Knight Guide

1. Equip your common shovel. (This works with any common wep and if you want skill dmg do it with gloves or boots)
Its important its common because its cheap.

2. Upgrade your shovel as much as you, after upgrading 3 times, craft a new one instead of recharging because this is 10tokens cheaper.
dont ever upgrade anything else than your shovel.

4. Always equip your highest power gear, dont look at the rarity. When your shovel is so high all other gear drop will advance real quick.

5. Sell all Epics and legendarys (epic = 5 token/legendary = 10token)

6. Play as far as you can, even if you run out of keys because its important to get to next chapter because the item power cap which means you can not get higher power gear in drop
Normal up to 130 power
Heroic up to 250 power
Mythic up to 330 power

You can still upgrade your shovel past the difficult caps, my shovel was around 100 more power than my other gear because the item cap and when i started a new difficult i fle…

F1 Manager Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Managing Racer, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

F1 Manager Android/iOS Tip #1: Basic Gameplay, In races you control two drivers. Your drivers will get more points the higher up the leaderboard they finish. You can control each car’s speed and decide when they should pit stop.

However, the faster you go, the more fuel your car will consume and the quicker the tires will wear out. You cannot refuel during a pit stop - so make sure your fuel will last until the end of the race!

F1 Manager Android/iPhone/iPad Tip #2: How do I win?
Each car that finishes a race gets points. The higher your position on the leaderboard, the more points you will get at the end of the race. The aim is to get more points than your two rival cars.

This often means you don’t need to fight for first and second positions - you only need to score more points than your rival to win.

F1 Manager Mobile Tip #3: What is Qualifying?
A qualifying lap happens automatically before each race and will decide the starting positions for your cars and your rival’s cars.

The q…

Overhit: Enchantment for Grimoire Guide

How to Enchant (Upgrade) Grimoire.Requirements
1. True Grimoire (Not False Grimoire)
2. It should have MAX LEVEL (Untamed Sand are needed to level up Grimoire)
3. Another Same Grimoire Equip (No need to upgrade).

After Enchantment. 1. The Selected Grimoire will absorb the sacrificed grimoire and it will increase it's grade (star) up by 1. 2. The level of the Grimoire Skill will also level up by 1, improving it's grimoire skill effect. 3. The Base ATK of the Grimoire will also improve however it's sub stat effect will remain unimproved. 4. The Level of the Grimoire will reset back to 1 but the max level cap of it will increase and you can upgrade it to upgrade the base ATK of Grimoire.
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Saint Seiya: Awakening Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Improving your Saint, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Saint Seiya: Awakening Android, iOS Tip #1: Level Up.[Level Up Effect]: Leveling up of saints requires EXP potions. The corresponding stats can be  boosted after each level.
[Experience Acquisition]: You can use saints in battles to let them gain EXP, or use saint EXP potions to level up specified saints. You can challenge various dungeons and join training mode to get a large number of EXP potions.

Saint Seiya: Awakening Mobile Tip #2: Rebirth.[Rebirthing Requirements]: Any saint that reaches level 20 can be rebirthed for the first time.
The saint can get 1 star if rebirth successfully, and continue to level up until it reaches level cap again.
[Rebirthing Effect]: Each saint can get 1 more star each time it is rebirthed and can be rebirthed up to 4 times in total.

Saint Seiya: Awakening Android, iPhone, iPad Tip #3: 7th Sense.[Awakening the 7th Sense]: The 7th sense of saints can be trained by consuming 7th sense stones and awakening stones. Stats can be boosted after each training. …

Hunter Fantasy Cheats: 2 Quick Tips & Activation Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Hunter Fantasy Android, iOS Tip #1: Hunter Locate.
Offensive: Offensive hunters are good at dealing massive damage to enemies.Defensive: Defensive hunters are good at protection other partners, enabling them to survive enemy's firepower.Supportive: Hunters grant buffs on allies and inflict debuffs on enemies. They can change the tide of a battle.

Hunter Fantasy Android, iPhone, iPad, Mobile Tip #2: Hunter Type. Enhancer: Enhancement is the most balanced category, allowing users to spread themselves evenly between offense and defense. Enhancers often use their aura to increase the natural abilities of an object or their own body.

Transmuter: An affinity for Transmutation means a person can change the properties of their aura to mimic something else, or only specific attributes. Similar as in conjuration, the aura dramatically weakens after it leaves the body of the transmuter.

Manipulator: Abilities belonging to manipulators allow the user to control living or non-living things in …