Warplanes WW2 Dogfight Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Planes, Missions, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight Tip #1: Controls.

Choose Steering Method.
You can change steering method anytime during the mission in settings menu.
Tap the drawing to select steering scheme.

1. Use Accelerometer (Recommended)
2. Use Virtual Joystick (Select also if you use an external controller)

Invert Y Axis
Use national voice overs for each campaign.
Drag your finger on screen to turn the plane.
Target enemy plane
When plane is close and in front of you press and hold LOCK Button.
Switch to bomb mode, press bomb mode button.
Aim at targets and drop the bombs press bomb button

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight Tip #2: Missions.

A solo mission may be spectacular but they are dangerous and rare.
Often, you will need multiple planes to coordinate the attack and achieve your mission goals.

Do you want to stay on this mission and destroy all remaining enemies for an additional reward of 50 silver and 5 prestige points? Stay on Mission or Finish mission now.

We currently have two planes at the base. The fighter wasn't part of the last mission, so it's you who must order the crew to prepare the plane for the fight. Your fighter is ready for the new assignment.
Don't worry about the other options at the moment, I will show you how to upgrade your planes later.

You may control any plane during the mission.
To change plane press planes button then press plane icon in the planes list.

From the planes list window you may give orders to your other planes.
Just use icons to activate their attacks on different targets.

Use bomber to destroy AA guns.
Use fighter to destroy all enemy fighters.
Switch between planes when needed.

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight Tip #3: Resources.
Let's talk about resources, as they are crucial to managing your base.
You can manage them with the supply officer who is also under your command.
Let's a take look at his charts.

If you run out one type of resource, you may always exchange them in here to get others.
This is particularly helpful when you are low on fuel and have to fly on a mission.
As you can see, there are current exchange rates on the arrows, just interact with them to order an exchange of resources.

To house more planes and pilots you will need to expand your base. The game will inform you every time expansion is needed. However, you are to decide when and how many AA cannons and barrage balloons you want to have.

Your planes are only as good as the pilots who fly them. It is crucial to keep your pilots well trained and ready for their missions. Your missions will take less time and your planes will get less damage as a result. Visit your elite squadron and train some pilots.

The more planes we have, the more pilots we will need. Remember that a pilot needs to know the skill which is required to operate the plane.
Skills are represented by icons in the pilots list and in the plane window. /*

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight Tip #4: Base.
Your daily base operating cost depends on the number of men and planes you have.
Each crew member cost 3 silver, each pilot 5 silver and each plane is 10 silver per day.

Hangars are used to store planes. Each hangar can house up to 3 aircraft.
If you want to have more planes you need to build more hangars.
Each hangar requires a maintenance crew of 4 and increases daily base operating cost by 12 silver.

Fuel tanks are used to store fuel for our planes. Each tank can store up to 1000 gallons.
Fuel tanks are operated by a crew of 4, this means an additional 12 silver for daily base operating cost, but is not subject to an increase with  additional tanks. 

Workshops are needed to fix damage planes after each mission.
Each workshop can only fix one plane at a time.
Each workshop is operated by a crew of 6 mechanics and increases daily base operating cost by 18 silver.

Anti Aircraft cannons protect base from enemy airplanes.
The more of them we have, the easier it is to protect our base.
Each AA gun needs 3 people to operate it and increases daily base operating cost by 9 silver per each additional gun.

Barrage balloons are our defense against enemy bombers.
As long as we have at least 1 balloon above our base, enemy bombers will not attack.
Enemy fighters will try to destroy our balloons, and that gives us an opportunity to destroy them.
Shot down balloons can be easily fixed at no cost.
Balloons are operated by a crew of 8, so daily base operating cost are increased by 24 silver, but are not subject to an increase for additional balloons.


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