MU Titans Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Gift Exchange Activation Codes, Diamonds, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

MU Titans Tip #1: Daily Bound Diamonds from ingame Daily Activities/Events/Dungeons:

-Achivement at Fame badge 60times usage daily
-Fixed Daily Active 20-130 added rewards (8k bound diamonds, 20000 star soul, 70000 Crystal, Deity Gem)
-Fixed Arena reward adjusted now top1 can get 99 chaos and high amount of fame rewards
-Daily Task rewards bound diamonds from 0 to 250
-Assault Task rewards bound diamonds from 50 to 250
-Blood Castle Coffin Rewards have 1 Deity Gem
-Team Dungeon Rewards adjusted more rewards ingame
-Team Dungeon Entry x3 Per Day
-Rainbow Crystal Dig Amount increased into 250 per Dig
-Crystal Dig time is reduced for faster digging

MU Titans Tip #2: Custom Features: 
Free Unbound Diamonds
-Online for 30mins automatically gain 100 Diamonds ingame
-Custom Drop 100 Diamonds upon killing Elite Monster every map
-Custom Drop 100k Unbound Diamonds (Event Kill Angel Shrine Boss Angel of Despair (Hell)).
-Custom Event Boss Invasion Scheduled every Saturday 10:00 PM onwards +8GMT.
-Boss/Crystal Invasion Event (Every Weekend GM’s will respawn Bosses in Random spot ingame from Warrior’s Land)
-Bosses Respawn is adjusted kindly check ingame
-Custom Festive Event Rewards (Kindly check ingame)
-Custom Synthesis Ingame (Feather’s/Xmas Boxes with various rewards)
-Custom Pet Stats from (Archangel,Siren,Monkey King,Fenrir,Dark Crow,Phoenix)
-VIP Rewards 11 and 12 have (Archangel pet & Fenrir pet both full 6 opt with fatal,ignore def)
-Fruit Max Stats = 60k Each Stats

MU Titans Tip #3:Free Starter Pack Gifts: 

1. Only 1 Character per account can redeem the freebies
2. CBT participants should wait for instructions on how to receive their rewards within this week.
3. OBT/NEW participants  should wait for instructions on how to receive their Weapon Pack after this week.

CBT Participants:
+60,000 bound diamonds
+ 80,000,000 bound golds
Unbound Set
+7 Set Grade 4 S Armor/Accessories Equip+Append 20+Luck
+5 Set Grade 5 S Weapon +Append 20+Luck (1 Piece One handed weapon)
OBT New Participants:
Free Starter Pack Gifts:
Bound Weapon
Additional: +5 Grade 5 S Weapon +Append 20+Luck (1 Piece One handed weapon)
Already added:
60,000 bound diamonds
70,000,000 bound golds
Roland Event Participants: (Wushu, RedSky, Archon)
Alliance/Guild Give Pack
(Wushu, RedSky)
Prize: 1k Bless, 1k Soul, 800 Maya Gem,800 Deity Gem (this will be equally divided/distrubuted to the members of the Alliance)
Alliance with Penalty on Event will receive
Prize: 500 Bless, 500 Soul, 400 Maya Gem, 400 Deity Gem (this will be equally divided/distrubuted to the members of the Alliance)
(Low Cost Donations) TOP-UP/RECHARGE:
Event Recharge on the Day of Grand Openning upto 1 month
Donation will get VIP Points, Bound & Unbound Diamonds amount of Recharge
Recharge Rate currently on Poll to be announce after the Survey Poll is done

MU Titans Tip #4: Gift Exchange Activation Code.

Notice!: Please check Mail ingame after you exchange giftcode in Rewards>Gift Exchange. (GiftCodes redeemable only once per character) / Kindly Check Giftcode NPC: Naina on Warriors Land near Roland holder statue check the giftcode list ingame and use all the codes available there!
-ALT Char G6 Freebies with Luck (Complete equips with 2pcs ring, 1 necklace accessories can claim 1 per class/account giftcodes)
GiftCode: ALTWARG6  -(Warrior Only)
GiftCode: ALTMAGG6  -(Magician Only)
GiftCode: ALTELFG6  -(Elf/Archer Only)
GiftCode: ALTDMPOWG6  -(Duel Master Pow Only)
GiftCode: ALTDMWISG6  -(Duel Master Wis Only)
GiftCode: ALTSUMG6  -(Summoner Only)

 -Fruits 2500 pcs each type of fruits
GiftCode: FRUITS25K
-x2500pcs Agi Fruits
-x2500pcs Power Fruits
-x2500pcs Enegy Fruits
-x2500pcs Wisdom Fruits

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