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MU Titans Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Gift Exchange Activation Codes, Diamonds, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

MU Titans Tip #1: Daily Bound Diamonds from ingame Daily Activities/Events/Dungeons:

-Achivement at Fame badge 60times usage daily
-Fixed Daily Active 20-130 added rewards (8k bound diamonds, 20000 star soul, 70000 Crystal, Deity Gem)
-Fixed Arena reward adjusted now top1 can get 99 chaos and high amount of fame rewards
-Daily Task rewards bound diamonds from 0 to 250
-Assault Task rewards bound diamonds from 50 to 250
-Blood Castle Coffin Rewards have 1 Deity Gem
-Team Dungeon Rewards adjusted more rewards ingame
-Team Dungeon Entry x3 Per Day
-Rainbow Crystal Dig Amount increased into 250 per Dig
-Crystal Dig time is reduced for faster digging

MU Titans Tip #2: Custom Features: 
Free Unbound Diamonds
-Online for 30mins automatically gain 100 Diamonds ingame
-Custom Drop 100 Diamonds upon killing Elite Monster every map
-Custom Drop 100k Unbound Diamonds (Event Kill Angel Shrine Boss Angel of Despair (Hell)).
-Custom Event Boss Invasion Scheduled every Saturday 10:00 PM onwards +8GMT.

Gacha Life Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Gems, Redeem Promo Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Dress up, create scenes, play mini games, explore and gacha in Gacha Life!

This tutorial guide will help you get started!

These are several key features in Gacha Life!
Let's go over some things you can do in Gacha Life!

Dress UpStudio ModeMini GamesGachaLife Mode
Gacha Life Tip #1: Dress Up your Characters!
There are many ways to dress up your own unique characters! Customize up to 20 different characters and share your creations with friends! Dress up cute characters! Design the perfect look! Get creative with your scenes! What will you make? There are many possibilities to choose from!
Gacha Life Tip #2: Make Scenes in Studio Mode!
Create scenes with up to 8 characters! Select a background, pose your characters, make them talk and interact! Do your best and try to rank high in the leaderboards! Set up any kind of scene you want!
Be sure to watch Gacha Life videos on YouTube!
Gacha Life Tip #3: Play Mini Games to Win Games!
There are eight different mini games to win free gems in! Te…

Triple Hearts Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Attacking, Guild, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Triple Hearts Tip #1: Gameplay.

The goal is simple, kill all the enemy heroes or destroy the enemy bases to win.
Tap the hero icon to summon him to the battlefield.
Mana will recharge after summoning a hero.
You can summon units with recharged Mana.
Summoning a unit requires as much as the cost of the unit.

Tap the enemy to attack.
Skills can change the tide of battle with their power and effects.
Tap the hero's skill icon to activate skill.
Destroying all enemy bases will ensure your victory.
Summon units and attack the enemy base with the heroes!

[Cutting and Chopping] charges at enemies and chops them. Tap behind the enemy units.
Reuse [Cutting and Chopping] within 5 seconds. He charges back to starting position and damages enemies again.
Final Blow focuses and attacks towards a chosen direction. Tap where to use the skill..

Triple Hearts Tip #2: Deck

A deck consists of  3 heroes and 5 units. Get more heroes and units to create more diverse decks.
Our ally hero's HP is low. …

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Planes, Missions, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight Tip #1: Controls.

Choose Steering Method.
You can change steering method anytime during the mission in settings menu.
Tap the drawing to select steering scheme.

1. Use Accelerometer (Recommended)
2. Use Virtual Joystick (Select also if you use an external controller)

Invert Y Axis
Use national voice overs for each campaign.
Drag your finger on screen to turn the plane.
Target enemy plane
When plane is close and in front of you press and hold LOCK Button.
Switch to bomb mode, press bomb mode button.
Aim at targets and drop the bombs press bomb button

Warplanes WW2 Dogfight Tip #2: Missions.

A solo mission may be spectacular but they are dangerous and rare.
Often, you will need multiple planes to coordinate the attack and achieve your mission goals.

Do you want to stay on this mission and destroy all remaining enemies for an additional reward of 50 silver and 5 prestige points? Stay on Mission or Finish mission now.

We currently have two planes at the base. The fig…

Glory Ages - Samurais Cheats: Controls Tips for Samurai, Reviews, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Controls Tips. Use a controller at the left corner to control your character.Use a button of attack to strike.Use a button of jump to make a dodge.Hold a block button to beat off an attack of enemy.Sometimes during your strike, enemies can use a contraattack when it happens time is slowing down.At this moment use the jump button to evade from the hit.Start attack enemy to see the contrattack.If you were rounded by a lot of enemies try using a FURY button.

Here are some reviews of the game. This game is awesome! Graphics are beautiful. Highly recommended. Please add some different enemy like Spearman, Bandits and Robin. Please make weapons and armors upgradable and please add story mode. Please change the skill to Strength (Hit points and Hp regen) and Agility (Attack speed and movement speed) Critical hit chance ect. So Just wow.... Hope you guys add some special attacks were we are the one who's gonna do it like ex.( Joystick)Movement up + tap the attack button 2x it…

Cats & Cosplay Cheats: Quick Tips for Tower Defense, Coins, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Tower Defense 101.
1. Don't let bad guys past the death point. 2. Earn Tuna Cans by destroying bad guys. 3. Use Tuna Cans to build more towers.
How to build a Tower. Tap a flag, choose tower, set tower.
Yarnball Effective against both ground and flying enemies. Drone Pilot. Effective against ground enemies only.
Watch Ads to triple your rewards.
If you want to need some more firepower, upgrade your squad.
Tower Tips. Always build in a triangular formation for max damage. Build new towers and upgrade frequently. Diversify! Use a variety/different types of towers during battle.
How to move your feline sidekick: Tap the feline icon, tap on screen, attack in the center and create blockades so your towers can join in the fight.
Tesla Electrocutes both ground and flying enemies.
Don't forget to try on new costumes and improve your skills as we go.
More Hero Tips. When his stamina gets dangerously low. Never overuse your hero! Take him out of the fight! Quickly return to battle once…

World Cricket Battle Cheats: 8 Quick Tips for Winning, Battling, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

World Cricket Battle Quick Tip #1: Battling

Touch and Drag sideways anywhere on the screen to move the Batsman (Left/Right) before the ball is released by the Bowler.Turn ON LOFT Button to Hit Loft shots.To hit shits, SWIPE in any direction.Shot Timing Meter will indicate your Shot timing. (EARLY, GOOD, PERFECT, LATE).Press RUN Button to take runs.

World Cricket Battle Quick Tip #2: Bowling

Tap on Fielding Radar to set the fielding positions.Tap on Left/Right Arrows to choose the Bowling Side.Touch and Drag anywhere on the screen to Place the Bowling Pitch Pointer.Hold your touch until you choose the SWING/SPIN Direction.Once you release the touch, Speed Indicator will Start, Tap to select your Bowling Speed.

World Cricket Battle Quick Tip #3: Bowling Pitch Indicator.

Green Color - Casual Ball - Less Risk,Blue Color - Normal Ball - Medium Risk.Red Color - Attack Ball - High Risk.

World Cricket Battle Quick Tip #4: Fielding Setup.

Before starting the bowling process tap on fielding radar to o…

ShellFire Cheats: 3 Best Tips for MOBA FPS, Gift Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

ShellFire MOBA FPS Tip #1: Clan Information.
Creating Clan.
Created Clans will enter preparation period, other players can find it in the preparation list and respond.
In order to be created, a clan must receive enough responses during its prepartion period.
After a Clan is created, its creator responders will become it members; the creator will become Captain and appoint 2 responders as Vice Captains.

Adding  Members.
Captain and Vice Captain can invite friends to join their clan. If the invitees accept, they will become new members.
Other Clan members can also invite friends, the invitations will be sent once approved by the Captain or Vice Captain.

Clan Member Coin Bonus.
Clan members will get coin bonus when participating in Quick Battle, Casual Mode, Ranking Battle together.
More clan members mean higher bonus.

Gain Activity Points.
Daily Sign in, Clan members can sign in every day to get activity based on their ranking battle tiers, up to 100 points.
Participate in battles to ga…