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Dragalia Lost Cheats: 4 Best Tips for RPG Gameplay, Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Dragalia Lost is a pretty action game sort of an a RPG type deal like Diablo.
You run around these little maps in real time fighting enemies and there are various skills and abilities for you to outfit the characters and your party with to use as you progress and at the end of each map is a boss character that you have to defeat
Unlike most other mobile games I've played, I do genuinely enjoy the gameplay in this it's one of those mobile games that does feel like an actual video game if this was something that released on the 3ds in a full price game.
Dragalia Lost Beginners Tip #1: Controls.

You can drag your finger and hold in any direction to move the character about freely and you can do this anywhere on the screen.
You can double tap anywhere on the screen to dodge in that direction and single tap to attack your special abilities are also a separate buttons. It does take a bit of getting used to.

Dragalia Lost Beginners Tip #2: Auto Play

There's also an autoplay fu…

Savior Saga Cheats: Best Tips for Idle RPG, Knight Strategy Guide and Tricks.

You can rebirth at stage 20 or higher and you will gain souls upon rebirth.
Character's levels become 1 after rebirth, but they can be stronger with souls.
All assets remain, except levels and cleansing stones.
Every rebirth, the Dragon Maiden's Cleansing Crystal making time gets faster by 1 second (Up to 50 seconds).
Rebirth when an adventure progress gets slow.

Shop: You can purchase various items to improve your progress.
Camera View: There are 3 different views that you can choose. Pick the views that you prefer.
Character Portrait: Up to 5 character portraits will be shown. Touch the portraits to level up the characters with Cleansing Crystals.
The Dragon Maiden: She collects cleansing crystals at set time intervals. When she fails, it's a game over.
Portal Opening: Opens a portal and bypasses stages quickly. Opening a portal uses Spirit of Nature.
Maiden Prayer: Uses energy to increase part's ATK and DEF for a duration.
Healing Touch: Uses energy to heal…

Torque Drift Cheats: Best Tips for Troubleshoot, Redeem Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Troubleshoot Tips.
Crashes when entering Garage or Event (Android/iOS)
Torque Drift doesn't run reliably on devices with 1024MB of RAM.
They're constantly optimizing Torque Drift to Run Better on more devices. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed.

Lagging/Poor Framerate (Android/iOS).
Go to Settings> Quality > and set to the Lowest Quality Settings.

Device gets Hot / Drain Battery (Android/iOS).
Go to Settings> Quality > and set to the Lowest Quality Settings and Turn on Conserve Battery.

Lost my Progress (Android/iOS).
Make sure you are logged into google play or gamecenter with the correct account and are connected to the internet.
Logout from the profile settings menu and try to login again. If you still don't have your account then please submit a bug report.

Transfer my Progress to a New Device (Android/iOS).
Make sure you are logged into google play or gamestore on the same account as your other device.
Logging in should download your existin…

Holyday City Tycoon Cheats: Best Tips for Daily Redeem Gift Codes, Idle Resource Management, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Happiness Bonus.
For each business you buy in the service sector, happiness bonus (at the top) increases.
When you increase Happiness Bonus, all 5 service sector business make more profits.

Become a Manufacturer
Your fame is growing! It's time to expand your investments on facebook.

your factories produce materials along with money.
you can use Materials in the City Facilities menu. Go there when you feel like.

It's time to expand to the energy production investments.

Energy Resource.
Your Power Plants produce Energy. Energy is used in the "City Facilities" Menu in order to increase the effectiveness of other investment.

Food Resource.
Farms produce Food. This is another resource that is used in "City Facilities" menu.
Keep investing your money, tycoon! I heard there is a Mine near the town. You know what to do!

Excellent Choice.
Your decision to invest in Mine was exquisite.
Mines produce Iron. You can use Iron at the Port Menu.

Age of Z Cheats: 9 Best Tips for City Defense, Redeem Gift Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Age of Z Tip #1: Alliance.
Each alliance member can tap the Help button to reduce their allies task time.
When you're upgrading buildings or healing wounded soldiers, you can ask your allies for help to reduce the time required.
The number of allies that can help you and the amount of time they reduce is controlled by your relevant Alliance Technology.

Age of Z Tip #2: Officers.
A max of 6 Officers can be appointed.
You can increase an Officer's Mastery by raising your Officer's level or Star Rank.
The higher you'r officer's Mastery, the more effective their skills are.
Officers can learn new Skills. Acquired Skills can be upgraded or forgotten.

Age of Z Tip #3: Quests.
Complete quests to earn rich rewards! Quest Rewards are helpful when you're lacking resources.
It's best to complete your Recommended Quest first.

Age of Z Tip #4: Nation Progress.
Overcoming the zombie crisis and restoring human civilization will require several Phases. Multiple requirements a…

Doom Blitz Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Hero, Buildings, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Doom Blitz Tip #1: Buildings.
All the buildings in the game were designed by Roman architecture, and at the beginning of the game, there are lots of open Spaces in the city, and you need to build it yourself.

You can follow the guide to build the building.
Buildings in the city:
#Barracks, Stables, Range, chariot factory-- train infantry, cavalry, archer and chariot;
Pitfall yard -- build defensive facilities;
Embassy - Increase the number of reinforcements, the limit of help received and the help effects by upgrading the embassy level;
Hall of Military - you and your allies can gather together and form a powerful team to attack enemies;
Tavern--  recruit and upgrade heroes;
Farm, Timber yard--  produce, store food and timber;
March Tent -- the level of the marching tent determines the speed and quantity of training;
Wounded Camp-- the level of the wounded camp determines the number of wounded troops;
Click the icon "world" icon to enter another interface.
Buildings on the m…

AU2 Dance Cheats: 8 Best Tips for Rewards, Gift Redeem Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

AU2 Dance Tip #1: How to Get Gold.
Quests: Complete Main Quest, Activity Quests, Random Quests to obtain Coupons.
Dancing Hall: Complete songs in any mode to obtain Gold.
Buy Gems: The fastest way to obtain Gold is to buy it with gems.
Stars: Light up stars to obtain Gold.
Performance: Clear any song in the Performance to obtain Gold.

AU2 Dance Tip #2: How to get Coupons.
Quests: Complete Main Quest, Activity Quests, Random Quests to obtain Coupons.
Performance: Clear any song in  the Performance for the first time to get Coupons.

AU2 Dance Tip #3: How to get EXP.
Quests: Complete activity quests to obtain EXP.
Dancing Hall: Complete songs in any mode to obtain EXP.
Performance: Clear any song in the Performance to obtain EXP.

AU2 Dance Tip #4: How to get Vits.
Buy Gems: The fastest way to obtain Vits is to buy it with Gems.
Time: Vitalities recover 1 point for every 10 mins.
Events Daily Vits: Remember to claim in Daily Vits during 12:00-14:00 and 18:00-20:00 every day.

AU2 Dance Tip #5:…

Luna Fantasy Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Strengthen, Improve, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Luna Fantasy Tip #1: Ascending Star.
Ascending equipment can increase the basic attributes and additional attributes, and gain additional attributes.
Extra attributes bonus can be gained when whole equipment parts ascending stars at a fixed stage.

Every ascending do have a certain rate of failure, and every failure will increase the success rate of the next ascending star.

Changes equipment, the ascending star will inherit automatically.

Luna Fantasy Tip #2: Refine.
Refine equipment can increase the attribute. All parts of the equipment can get a full refine level attribute reward at every refine stage.

There is a certain chance of failure in every refine process, and player can use Luk inscription to improve the success rate of refine.
After changing the equipment, the refined attribute will inherit automatically.

Luna Fantasy Tip #3: Purification.
Purify equipment to enhance the additional attributes of equipment.
Only one attributes of the equipment can be selected for purifying at e…

Cube Escape: Paradox Cheats: Walkthrough Tips for Chapter 1 Part 1, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Chapter 1 starts with a blinking eye animation.
Go to the left three times and you go to a room with a mirror and a cabinet.
Click the brown box and drag the square with symbols to its position, see below the image for pattern guide.

Once you already finished completing the brown box, just press it again to obtain photo piece.
Click the red box and you will get a key.
Proceed to the right room once. Click the portrait to zoom and get another photo piece above it.
Proceed to the right room once again and click the drawerbox. Get the scissor at the top drawer.
Get another photo piece below the top drawer. Get a pencil below the photo piece drawer.
Open the bottom drawer with the key to get the wooden cube.
Get the Jacket at the same room. Go back to the room with mirror and a cabinet and click the mirror.
While in the mirror, use your jacket and there will be a woman appears behind you.
Go back to the room that has a drawerbox and a photo piece will appear and drop and you should get i…

Sailor Cats Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Shoals, Secret Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Sailor Cats Tip #1: Shoals.
Hit the center of the bar to get a bigger prize.
There are three levels of a shoal area, the center bar which gives a bigger prize, lighter shade bar which gives good prize and lastly the lightest shade bar which gives normal prize. Hitting out side the shoal area will give you x1 prize and it cost more damage to your rod. The bigger prize you got, the lower damage you'll receive to your rod. So it is much better if you can hit the center bar as much as you can to get bigger prize and reduce damage to your rod as well.

Special Shoals
It has even bigger prize than a normal one, fish it before it disappears
There are four special shoals: Wood Shoal, Coin Shoal, Shell Shoal and Relic Shoal.
Wood and Coin Shoals have the same shoal area to the normal shoal. It has three levels of a shoal area but the multiplier prize is a lot better than the normal shoal.
Shell Shoals have 1 level of shoal area only and that's the center bar. You need to hit it carefull…

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Stages, Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Tip #1: Stages.

Maps in the battle are divided into three levels of difficulties: Normal Nightmare and Hell.
Each level of difficulty contains multiple stages. The three levels of difficulties need to be unlocked successively.

Unlock Stages & Maps.
After entering a new stage, you need to wait sufficiently for Exploration time to trigger the Battle event grants abundant rewards.

Battle Event.
Entering a new stage will trigger the corresponding Battle Event of the stage. Completing the Battle Event grants abundant rewards.

Auto Battle.
The benefit produced by Auto Battle will increase with time. You can perform Auto Battle for up to 8 hours and will receive no more benefits once the time exceeds: 8 hours. So don't forget to come back and claim your Auto Battle benefits within 8 hours!

Output & Coin.
Stages output Player Experience, Gold and Hero Souls at a set rate. You can obtain the three benefits via Auto Battle. The benefits you can obtain will incr…

DogeFut 19 Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Packs, Chances, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

DogeFut19 Tip #1: Retrying a Chance.
If you fail a chance, you may retry it. You start every game with one free retry.
You can gain extra retries by either watching adverts when given the opportunity or by purchasing the retry pack from the shop.

DogeFut19 Tip #2: Changing Work Rate.
Increasing your team's work rate will strengthen your team's defensive abilities and increases the number of chances you'll get to score in a match, but it will also make your team tire more quickly.
Decreasing your team's work rate saves energy but will weaken your defence and decreases the number of chances you'll get to score.

DogeFut 19 Tip #3: Changing Focus.
Defend decreases your chances of conceding, but your match chances start nearer your own goal.
Counter decreases your chances of conceding means your match chances are more likely to be break aways but consumes more energy. Attack increases your chances of conceding but your match chances start nearer the opposition goal. Direc…

Junkyard Tycoon Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Cars, Buildings Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Junkyard Tycoon Tip #1: Placing Buildings.
In order to place a building you first have to buy one. This can be done by pressing on the shopping bag icon in the bottom right corner of the main screen. Simply tapping on the “Buildings” menu will take you to the buildings screen.

From here, you can view the buildings available in each Region you’ve unlocked and then decide if you want to purchase one that you have all the necessary materials for.

Junkyard Tycoon Tip #2: Moving Buildings.
Have you placed a building but found you’re not happy with where it is? Don’t worry, you can move it! Simply press and hold on a building until you can see the grid spaces beneath it, then drag it to the new location of your choosing inside the region. Tap on the checkbox and you’ll be good to go.

Junkyard Tycoon Tip #3: Unlocking Cars.
Overtime as you accumulate rewards you’ll gradually gather up Car pieces. Each Car has unique pieces and requires a specific amount of pieces to be gathered before you can …

Bullet Battle Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Shooting, Take Cover, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Bullet Battle Tip #1: Sprint Forward.

To do "sprint forward", just drag the movement pad upward and hold it for about 1 seconds and your character will run or sprint and release to stop sprint forward.
Sprint forward is helpful when you are being shot at long distance or you need to cover or dodge their gunshots.
Sprint forward can also be used to chase enemies or to invade an area. It is difficult to hit enemies that are sprinting unless he sprints at your direction.
A good tip when you see an enemy that are sprinting is to throw grenade to their possible cover or destination. They will usually stop or change direction when they see a grenade being thrown to their possible location and that's the opportunity to fire at them and have a better chance to aim correctly and kill them.

Bullet Battle Tip #2: Covering.

Positioning is also important when it comes to a solo or teamfights. If you want to go to a specific location, just sprint forward and look for possible cover for…

Bike Unchained 2 Tips & Tricks for Mentors, Controls, Game Guide Cheats

Tip #1: Controls.
There two types of main controls for Bike Unchained 2.
"Tap and Hold" and "Release"
You need to tap to increase your speed upward and hold to increase your speed downward.
But don't forget to release specially on uphills to retain your momentum or speed.

Scaling Hills.
- Release the pump before uphill to avoid speed loss.
Pedaling. - Tap the screen rapidly to pedal - Pedaling is useful only on long uphill sections and after losing speed. Air Control. - While airborne, tap and hold to land you jumps. - You should always try to land downhill to retain you speed.

There is no other types of controlling the game like gestures, or buttons. Just plain tap/hold and release.
This makes the game simpler but you need to master on when to tap/hold and release. So keep playing and make progress.

Tip #2: Tricks.
For Tricks, there is a slopestyle events that requires performing tricks that can be learned or obtainable from your mentors in the game.


4 Wheel City Drifting Tips & Tricks for Drifting Controls, Skills, Game Guide Cheats

Tip #1: Speed up & Speed down.
1. Speed up automatically.
2. Speed down by braking.
3. Speed down also by crashing on the road side (except crashing on the other cars).

Tip #2: Direction Control.

1. Buttons Drive Mode - Control the directions by the left or right button on the screen.
2. Gravity Drive Mode - Control the directions by Gravity Sensor (Slant the screen to left or right).

Tip #3: Race Rule Slate.
1. Rank Race - Pass by ranking the top 3.

2. Time Race - Arrive at every time point in time.
3. Out Race - Weed out the last two in one lap.
4. Exam - Pass by ranking the top 1.

Tip #4: Drifting Control
1. Start drifting: Click a braking button while making a turn.
2. End drifting: Make the car's direction the parallel along the road.
Mastering the drift ability is a race master!

Tip #5:. Drifting Stake.
1. The advantage of the drift: It makes the turn more easily (It can avoid crashing on road and speeding down immediately).
2. The harm of the drift: It can speed down a litt…

Potato Baron Tips & Tricks for Potatoes, Locations, Game Guide Cheats

Potato Baron Tip #1: Vegetables and Potatoes! In Game Menu, here you see a brief statistics on the crop in all locations, as well as important game buttons. Before the fence you see the potato field and at the moment this is your only source of income. Just collect a lot of potatoes!

Sometimes you can meet a vegetable instead of a potato. Look carefully at the field and pick up the vegetable. Vegetables in the region are very rare goods, they are valued at 100 times more expensive in the market. If you look above you will see a lot of unused land. In the future, you can buy it and plant potatoes there.

Potato Baron Tip #2: All about Tractor. To farm new land and improve existing ones you need to buy a tractor. How do you see a tractor worth $500. We need to sell potatoes and vegetables in the market. On the markets you see different prices for potatoes. Prices are constantly changing. So check the courses every time. If you attempt to sell rare vegetables, a dialog will appear. Do you …