Junkyard Tycoon Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Cars, Buildings Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Junkyard Tycoon Tip #1: Placing Buildings.
In order to place a building you first have to buy one. This can be done by pressing on the shopping bag icon in the bottom right corner of the main screen. Simply tapping on the “Buildings” menu will take you to the buildings screen.

From here, you can view the buildings available in each Region you’ve unlocked and then decide if you want to purchase one that you have all the necessary materials for.

Junkyard Tycoon Tip #2: Moving Buildings.
Have you placed a building but found you’re not happy with where it is? Don’t worry, you can move it! Simply press and hold on a building until you can see the grid spaces beneath it, then drag it to the new location of your choosing inside the region. Tap on the checkbox and you’ll be good to go.

Junkyard Tycoon Tip #3: Unlocking Cars.
Overtime as you accumulate rewards you’ll gradually gather up Car pieces. Each Car has unique pieces and requires a specific amount of pieces to be gathered before you can unlock them.

You can check the pieces required for each Car in your Car collection by pressing the button that resembles a large book in the bottom right corner of the main screen. Once you have enough pieces, a “claim” button will become available.

Junkyard Tycoon Tip #4: Leveling Cars.
As you play the game, you’ll gather up XP Potions that allow you to level up your Cars. These XP potions can be applied by going to your character collection and tapping on a Car, then tapping on the “Level Up” button.

On the level up screen, you’ll have to choose XP potions by tapping on them and then paying the gold necessary in order to level up the Car. As a Car levels up their stats will become more powerful, making them stronger all around.

Junkyard Tycoon Tip #5: Evolving Cars.
When you’ve gathered up the right materials you can evolve a Car by going to your Car collection and then tapping on a Car of your choice. Tapping the “Evolve” button will let you see if you have the materials necessary to evolve the Car.

Evolving a Car unlocks large boosts to stats or sometimes entire skills that the Car didn't previously have access to!

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