Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Stages, Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Tip #1: Stages.

Maps in the battle are divided into three levels of difficulties: Normal Nightmare and Hell.
Each level of difficulty contains multiple stages. The three levels of difficulties need to be unlocked successively.

Unlock Stages & Maps.
After entering a new stage, you need to wait sufficiently for Exploration time to trigger the Battle event grants abundant rewards.

Battle Event.
Entering a new stage will trigger the corresponding Battle Event of the stage. Completing the Battle Event grants abundant rewards.

Auto Battle.
The benefit produced by Auto Battle will increase with time. You can perform Auto Battle for up to 8 hours and will receive no more benefits once the time exceeds: 8 hours. So don't forget to come back and claim your Auto Battle benefits within 8 hours!

Output & Coin.
Stages output Player Experience, Gold and Hero Souls at a set rate. You can obtain the three benefits via Auto Battle. The benefits you can obtain will increase with the stage difficulty and progress. VIP level will also increase the drops of these three benefits.

Drops & Loot.
You can search for the possible item drops of the current stage in the item drop info.
When you move to a stage for auto battle. You will have a chance to obtain the items dropped in the stage. Obtained items can be viewed in Loot.

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Tip #2: Combat.

Pre-Battle Formation.
Front line heroes are usually more likely to be attacked than back line heroes.
You need to adjust the heroes position reasonably according to their classes to makes them survive longer in the battle.

Faction Constraint.
Heroes of different functions constrain each other. Adjust your team according to the enemy heroes before each battle to gain as much advantage as possible.

Battle Outcome Determination.
The attacking side will lose once the battle exceeds 15 rounds. Defeat all the enemy heroes within the limited rounds to win the battle and you will lose if all your heroes are defeated by the enemy.

Attack: Heroes with higher attack can deal more damage to enemies when attacking.
HP: Heroes with high HP can survive longer in the battle.
Armor: Heroes with higher armor will take less damage from enemies.
Speed: Speed decides heroes attack order in each round. Heroes with higher speed will attack earlier in  each round.
Bonus Skill Damage Ratio: Bonus Skill Damage Ratio represents the additional bonus of the skill damage. The higher the bonus skill damage ratio, the higher the damage skills can deal.
Accuracy: Accuracy indicates the probability of hitting enemies. The higher the accuracy, the higher the probability you can hit the enemy.
Evasion: Evasion indicates the probability of heroes being hit by enemies. The higher the evasion, the lower the probability of being hit.
Crit: The likelihood of launching a critical strike. Heroes with higher crit are more likely to launch critical strikes.
Crit Damage: The damage dealt when launching a critical strike. Heroes with higher crit damage can deal more damage when launching a critical strike.
Control Immunity Rate: The chance of being immune to enemies control effects. Heroes with higher higher control immunity rate are less likely to be controlled by enemies.
Damage Reduction Rate: The chance of reducing the damage taken. Heroes with higher damage reduction rate will take less damage from enemies.
Elements: The higher element damage, the higher the element damage caused by the hero.
Element damage includes: ice damage, fire damage, electrical damage, earth damage, poison damage, physical damage. The higher the resistance of the element, the stronger the ability to resist damage of the element.

Dungeon Rush: Rebirth Tip #3: Events.

Dispatch your hero team to the battle to perform auto battle and complete battle events.
In the battle, you can obtain player experience, Hero Souls, Gold , Equipment and other rewards. Double drop events will be held occasionally.

Brave Trial.
Unrestricted consecutive battles. Challenge enemies from different servers. Heroes HP will not recover in the trial, so you need to use them strategically.

Tower of Oblivion.
Tower of Oblivion is guarded by floors of guards. Defeat them and you will obtain abundant Mysterious fountains and powerful equipment, and even S-tier hero shards once you reach certain floors. More floors more challenges.

Summon Circle.
The fastest way to obtain new heroes. Accumulate more hearts or summoning scrolls to perform hero summoning for free. You can obtain a random guaranteed S-tier hero once the summoning energy bar is full.

When you have unused heroes, disassemble them in the altar. Hero disassembling grants hero souls and soulstones. The equipment crystal and artifact of the hero dissembled will be returned to the inventory. Soulstones obtained from hero disassembling can be used to exchange heroes in the hero stone.

Hero Quests of different star ratings will appear in the tavern every 24 hours. Completing Hero Quests will grant abundant rewards! You can spend gems to refresh and change the quests star rating of accelerate the quest progress. Tavern Quest scrolls can increase the number of hero quests (once refreshed unstarted tavern quest added by the scrolls will be reset). Tavern Quest Scrolls can be obtained via auto battle.

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