DogeFut 19 Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Packs, Chances, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

DogeFut19 Tip #1: Retrying a Chance.
If you fail a chance, you may retry it. You start every game with one free retry.
You can gain extra retries by either watching adverts when given the opportunity or by purchasing the retry pack from the shop.

DogeFut19 Tip #2: Changing Work Rate.
Increasing your team's work rate will strengthen your team's defensive abilities and increases the number of chances you'll get to score in a match, but it will also make your team tire more quickly.
Decreasing your team's work rate saves energy but will weaken your defence and decreases the number of chances you'll get to score.

DogeFut 19 Tip #3: Changing Focus.
Defend decreases your chances of conceding, but your match chances start nearer your own goal.
Counter decreases your chances of conceding means your match chances are more likely to be break aways but consumes more energy. Attack increases your chances of conceding but your match chances start nearer the opposition goal. Direct reduces midfield strength, but most of your match chances start near the opposition goal.

DogeFut19 Tip #4: Making Substitutions.
To make a substitution  during a match, tap the tactics button then simply drag a player from your substitutes onto the player you want to replace. When you're happy with your changes, tap the resume button. You can make up to three substitutions during a match.

DogeFut19 Tip #5: Assistant Comments.
During a match you may notice comments from your assistant coach.
He can provide useful insights into how your team are fairing on the pitch and recommendations about how to improve your team's performance. It's worth listening to him.

DogeFut19 Tip #6: Giving A Team Talk.
If your team are tired at halftime, it can be a good idea give them a team talk.
Tap the TACTICS button, select the cards tab and drag teamtalk card onto your team.
You'll then see a number of phrases remember which phrases turn green! Then, when they all turn grey and shuffle positions, tap on as many of the phrases that were green as you can remember before the clock counts down. Your team will get an energy boost for every green phrase you correctly select.

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