Sailor Cats Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Shoals, Secret Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Sailor Cats Tip #1: Shoals.
Hit the center of the bar to get a bigger prize.
There are three levels of a shoal area, the center bar which gives a bigger prize, lighter shade bar which gives good prize and lastly the lightest shade bar which gives normal prize. Hitting out side the shoal area will give you x1 prize and it cost more damage to your rod. The bigger prize you got, the lower damage you'll receive to your rod. So it is much better if you can hit the center bar as much as you can to get bigger prize and reduce damage to your rod as well.

Special Shoals
It has even bigger prize than a normal one, fish it before it disappears
There are four special shoals: Wood Shoal, Coin Shoal, Shell Shoal and Relic Shoal.
Wood and Coin Shoals have the same shoal area to the normal shoal. It has three levels of a shoal area but the multiplier prize is a lot better than the normal shoal.
Shell Shoals have 1 level of shoal area only and that's the center bar. You need to hit it carefully to get 1 shell or else it will disappear after a few failed attempts.
Relic Shoals are similar with shell shoals, it does only have 1 level of shoal area and you need to hit before it disappear for few attempts. Getting a Relic from Relic Shoals can unlock new areas.

Sailor Cats Tip #2: Sailor Cats Currencies.
There are three types of currencies in Sailor Cats: Wood, Coin, and Shell.
Wood and Coin have similar function, they are like one currency but divided into two.
However the difference between Wood and Coin as a function is the coins can be used to speed up bottles while wood can't.
Both wood and coins are needed to upgrade ships and you need to have the right amount of wood and coins for you to successfully upgrade the ship.
Shell currency is a premium currency because you need shells for you to expand areas and fully upgrade your ships and unlock new cats. Unlike wood and coins, you can only get shell from shell shoals, daily spin and sharing your achievement.

Sailor Cats Tip #3: Boats and Cats
Get enough resources to upgrade your boat. Check how many wood and coins you need.
Once you upgrade your boat, you will receive an extra slot for another cat.
Keep fishing so we can have bigger boats.
New cats help you fish faster. To unlock cats, it costs shells so better spend your shells for unlocking new cats.
New cats need care from the new owner and caring the new cats are easy.
You have only 3 basic obligation needs to provide for your cat: Bath, Food and Patting.

Sailor Cats Tip #4: Bottles and Treasure Maps.
Pick bottles to receive treasure maps. Treasure maps will be automatically leads to treasures once you successfully opened the bottle.
Not all bottles are created equal, there are a lot of them and even if you received the same color, the time in timer itself have different duration from the same color bottles.
Blue Bottles gives one prize while Violet Bottles gives two prizes and Gold Bottles gives three prizes.
Aside from the prizes you will get from treasure, sometimes you will be given an opportunity to earn 1 shell if you share your achievement to social media apps. Shells are very important currency to the game so better get is as fast as you can. You can also double your treasure prizes if there is an AD button, once you press it, it will lead you to a video ad and you must complete watching it to receive your doubled prizes.

Sailor Cats Tip #5: Baits.
There are three types of baits: Bigger Bait, Slower Bait and X2 Bait.
Bigger Bait = This bait makes shoals bigger, easier to hit the center bar for better prizes.
Slower Bait = This bait makes baiting slower, easier to hit the center bar for better prizes.
X2 Bait = This bait doubles whatever you fish.

Sailor Cats Tip #6: Wheel of Fortune and Daily Missions.

You can get free spin daily and there are a lot of prizes to win. Aside from daily free spin, you can get an extra spin once a day with a cost of watching a video ad.
There are three daily missions you can complete every day.
The missions will change daily and the more challenging the missions are, the better prizes you will get.

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