Speedy Gunfire Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Improving, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Speedy Gunfire | Android/iOS Tip #1: Earn Gold, Hero Energy using Invitation.

Compete in any Multiplayer game to earn Invitation Points,
Every 100 points can be exchanged for one invitation,
Open the invitation to get gold, Hero energy, and a chance at a new hero.

Leveling heroes increases invitation level, increasing the gold and Hero energys generated when invitations are opened,
It can also unlock hero output, granting more heroes when
invitations are opened.

Speedy Gunfire | Android/iPhone Tip #2: Penalties if you AFK via Credit Scores.

1. All players begin with a full score of 100 points.

2. Violations will incur a certain credit score deduction. Please note:
In multiplayer battles, every instance of AFK will result in a 2-4 point penalty
In multiplayer battles, if a player report is made and that report is determined to be valid by the system, a 3-5 point penalty will apply Players who do not tap Play Game when a match has been made will not be able to join
the matching queue temporarily.

3. Repeated instances of not confirming matches, AFK and other violations in
multiplayer battles will incur in an immediate ban on participation in multiplayer PvP
and Champions League, the length of which being determined by the number of
Violations. Normal completion of one multiplayer battle will reset this violation count to

4. Every instance of good conduct in multiplayer battles will restore a set amount of credit

5. Players whose credit score falls below 90 points will be banned from participation in
Champions League.

6. Credit scores are assigned a credit rating, with different scores being assigned
different ratings:
90-100 points are assigned a rating of Excellent.
60-89 points are assigned a rating of Good.
0-59 points are assigned a rating of Poor

Please take each battle seriously and help maintain a fair gaming environment!

Speedy Gunfire | Mobile Tip #3: Ranking System.

Participation in Quick Match and Rank and emerge victorious for a Rank Star, losing
won't result in star losses
Once Courage Score is full, an additional star will be earnt
Season Intro:
Season Duration: Each season lasts 8 weeks, once it's over, based on the rank during the
tallies, the ranks will be inherited, Inherited ranks allow instant Season Pass EXP
Season Missions: Each season has its own mission, complete them for rewards

Speedy Gunfire | Android/iOS Tip #4: Invitation Level Rules.

Increase Hero level, reach the required Total Hero Level to increase the Invitation Level.
After the increase of Invitation level, Invitation Base Gold, and Hero Energy Production
will also be increased, As well as unlocking more hero production
Max invitation level is 10, a Lv.10 Invitations based production is 3.13 Times the base
production of a Lv.1 Invitation
After the Invitation level upgrades, an one-time upgrade reward will also be available
Purchasing Season badge can activate Invitation Production Bonus, Extra Invitation
bonus 20%

Obtaining Invitation
Through Battles, Level Ups, Hero Popularity level increases, Invitation points will be
earned, Each 100 Invitation points are converted into an Invitation automatically
Each day, there is a limit amount of Invitation points can be obtained from battle
Today's base Invitation points obtain:100/800
Character Level up, Hero Popularity point is not counted here

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