Spiritwish Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Basic Equip Guide, Strategy and Tricks.

Spirit Wish Android/iOS Tip #1: Enhance.

Enhancement requires "Enhancement Scrolls"
You can get Enhancement Scrolls from enemies and rewards.
Enhancement Scrolls have Rarity, the same as your equip.
If the equipment you to want to enhance has a higher rarity than the enhancement scrolls you have.
You can craft them to increase the rarity rank, you'll need 10 of the same rank enhancement scrolls.
Example: To gain a Unique Rarity Scroll, you'll need 10 rare scrolls and 1000 Gold Fee.

So you can now enhance your Unique Weapon or Armor.
There are two types of equips, Weapon (includes Shield) and Armor.
They are separate and you'll need the required materials matched to the equip type you have.
Enhancing Equip increases their own stat and it will be label as + in your equip.

Spirit Wish Mobile Tip #2: Level Up.

Level Up requires Refining Stones or unused Equips.
Don't Immediately use your unused equips directly to level up your equip, since you may use or registered them at Achievements. I will explain it later after this Level Up tips.
Refining Stones can be obtained by killing enemies and rewards.
Refining Stones has a rank system and the higher the rank of the Refining Stones, the higher the EQUIP EXP you'll gain.

Level Up also requires a gold fee depending on a high level it is, and the same as Enhance, Level Up also increases the stat of Equip.

SpiritWish Android/iOS Tip #3: Achievement Stat Rewards.

This is similar to Ragnarok M: Eternal love on where you can use redundant equip to deposit only 1 type of gear and gain stats from it.
However, in Spiritwish, you can register specific redundant equip only once and the equipment will be absorbed and you can't get it back. Therefore, check the equip first if it is not powerful than your current equip before registering it. Check it also if is registered already, you can use it as a Refining Material to level up Equips or you can just simply sell it.

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