Perfect World Mobile Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Improving, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Perfect World Mobile | Android/iOS Tip #1: Refining.

You can refine equipment to get bonus refining stats.
The higher the level of the equipment, the higher the refining level cap.

The higher the level and rarity of the equipment, the higher the refining stats.

It costs you Mirage Stone to refine. After reaching refining Lv.3, you will lose 1 level upon a failed

Place Elysium Stone to increase the refining success rate by 15%

Place Blessing Stone to maintain the current refining level upon failed refinement.

Refining a non-bound item will turn it into a bound item.

Refining Info
Weapon Refining FX:
Refining +3-+4: Light Green
Refining +5-+6: Dark Green
Refining +7 +8: Light Blue
Refining +9+11: Dark Blue
Refining +12+14: Light Purple
Refining +15-+17: Dark Purple
Refining +18-+20: Light Gold
Refining +21-+24: Dark Gold
Refining +25: Light Red

Perfect World Mobile | Android/iPhone/iPad Tip #2: Transfer Refining.

Upon transfer, the target equipment obtains the refining level of the source equipment and switches its own refining level to the source.

Transfer Requirements:
1. The source equipment's refining level has to be higher than 0.
2. The source equipment's refining level has to be higher than the target equipment.

Refining Transfer Info refining level to one source.
There's no cost for transfer s Lv. 12. It costs you Deviation Stone to transfer refining level above 12

Perfect World Mobile | Android/iOS Tip #3:Skins.

The amount of the dye required varies for different outfits

Outfit Dye: Unlike 7D outfits, permanent outfits can be dyed.
There are two types of dye, Color 1 and Color 2

Dyed color can be used as Color 1 and Color 2.
Unlocked colors are permanent for a certain outfit.
Colors used for each outfit are independent and cannot be shared

The corresponding dye will be consumed when for a certain color dyed. Random Dye can be gained from the Random Dye Pack. The other dyes can be gained from the Dye Packs in Market.
Each pack grants 5 random colors out of the 30 colors.
Each outfit consumes a different amount of dye.

Random Dye: Tap Random Dye to get a random color scheme.
If you like the scheme, tap Confirm Dye) to display it.
Dye Mount: 7D mounts cannot be dyed. Permanent mount dyeing consumes only one type of dye.
Gift: You can send gifts to players online.

Perfect World Mobile Tip #4: Oracle.

Influenced by all kinds of behaviors, Oracle Stats are changing all the time.

Oracle Events and Rewards are based on these stats.

Oracle Rating feature can increase the odds that your favored rewards appear.

Both Treasure Digging and Life Skills have a chance to trigger Oracle Using specific Emoticons or conducting refining at certain locations have a chance to trigger Oracles as well.

Cultivation Level is the most important identification for a seeker.
No matter if you are a martial art master or a skillful magic wielder, your Cultivation Level is crucial
for your career.

Complete each Cultivation Quest to reach the corresponding Cultivation Level and unlock new skills.

When you enter Perfect World, your level is Base. Lv.9 unlocks Inspired; Lv.19 unlocks Attuned; Lv.29 unlocks Blessed; Lv.39 unlocks Savvy; Lv.49 unlocks Awakened; Lv.59 unlocks Enlightened.

After reaching Lv.69, players will have to options, respectively the Path of the Sage and the Path of the Demon.
The road of cultivation is long and full of privation. If you wish to go beyond life and death, there's
much effort to be made.

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