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How to Play Real Cricket GO, Tips, Cheats for Android and iPhone.

Swipe Controls
You can change the joystick controls to swipe controls in settings.
Swipe on the screen as shown for playing your shots in the desired direction.

Virtual D-PAD
Allows you to select the direction in which you would like to hit the ball.
When the Bowler starts his RUN-UP, you need to move the joystick in the direction you wish to hit the ball.

Timing Meter
Displays how well you have timed your shot.
Perfect Timing give you the best results.

Shot Buttons
Allows you to execute the kind of shot you would like to play.
"Timing" of the shot is crucial, so as to get the best result.

How to Bowl Move the Pitch Pointer to the desired location by using the Joystick. Click ok to set the Pitch Pointer. Followed by selecting your delivery type. Set your desired swing/spin by dragging the arrow. After setting your swing/spin click ok. Mini Field View: Indicates the current field setting, to change the field tap on the field view. OK Button: Use this button to confirm the va…

Delivery From The Pain Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Survival, Attacking Zombies, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Delivery From The Pain Android/iOS Tip #1: Difficulty. Easy: Suitable for Newbie and those who want to complete the stages quickly to experience the whole story.
Normal: The difficulty of the game has been greatly improved, and it is suitable for players who have experience in some strategic end of day survival games. Unlock after simple difficulty.
Hard: Suitable for heavy players, want to extreme challenges to their own strategies and operational limits. Unlock after simple difficulty clearance.

Delivery From The Pain Android/iOS Tip #2: Movement and Sneaking Press the leftscreen, when the stick shown up then move the direction to control player's movement.
When the Interactively item nearby, click "palm icon" to interactive or just click item by using your finger.
When the entrance/exit nearby, click "palm icon" to interactive or just click icon shown on entrance/exit.

When there are zombies around you, you will enter SNEAK status automatically and move slowl…