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King Rivals Cheats: Select Best Chests Rewards, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

1.) Any kind of chest that can be opened immediately, preferably a Golden Chest or any RARE chest

2.) Run 2 or More King Rivals Apps simultaneously with the same  login account.

It can be a mix of emulator or  physical devices, it doesn't matter as long as it it has the
same login account.

Open the Chest for each  King Rival Apps running

Every Chests opening won't have the same cards, so carefully select the best chest rewards or card set you want and may close the other apps.
For example in the video above, I choose the 1st emulator since it has the wind rider card. Although the 2nd emulator has also a good set of cards but I don't need them so I choose the 1st emulator.

The last thing you need to do once you select the chosen emulator or physical device  is to save it's progress by doing anything that requires the king rivals server to save.
Examples are collecting coins/gems finishing any matches, upgrading troops or any new addition to your  account.

LINE BROWN STORIES Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Classes, and Characters, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Brown Stories: The legend of Mythos is a strategic RPG game where you can use a range of characters with unique skills and fighting styles to explore a vast world of adventure and fun.

LINE BR Stories Android/iOS Tip #1: Classes There are 8 different Classes, each with unique roles and characteristics.
All characters have a Class which their skills correspond to.

1) Valiant
- A well rounded, fearless warrior-type Class.
- Skill: Charges in upon being summoned.

2) Nighthawk
- An assassin-type Class which steathily sneaks up on enemies.
- Skill: Becomes invincible when in stealth mode.

3) Crusader
- A guardian knight-type Class that protects their allies.
- Skill: Stuns enemies to protect allies upon being summoned.

4) Sniper
- A sharpshooter-type Class that counter-attacks dangerous enemies from a distance.
- Skill: Snipes An enemy upon being summoned.

5) Desperado
- A ranged warrior Class that has rapid attack speed.
- Skill: attack speed rises when focusing on a single target.

6) Ba…

AxE: Alliance vs Empire Cheats: 8 Best Tips for Attack Power, and Coupon Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Were you enjoying the game, but then suddenly got stuck on a dungeon you can’t clear?

You’ll need to reach a certain power levels to clear higher dungeons. Here are the recommended powers for each region.

Whether you’re completing Sub Quests or fighting in the Arena, here are some essential tips to increase your power!

AxE: Alliance vs Empire Android/iOS Tip #1: First, increase ATK by completing Main Missions in order!
Completing missions will increase your Reputation Lv., which in turn increases your ATK, DEF, and HP! Check out the main missions from the menu screen and complete them in order.

Press on the Magnifying Glass icon to see which stats are being increased.

! Always remember to check your Main Missions first when playing AxE!

AxE: Alliance vs Empire Android/iOS Tip #2: Second, develop your Weapon and Necklace and upgrade to a higher tier!

Obtain higher tier weapons and or necklaces, or develop existing equipment and upgrade them to a higher tier.

The current equipment tier…

Tap Tales: Idle Expedition Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Progress, and Coupon Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Tap Tales: Idle Expedition Android/iOS Tip #1: Combat Formation. There is a Triangle Formation that consist of a 1 front position and 2 at the rear battle position which are facing to the enemy's right position battle.
The front runner takes the damage first and the rear battle position can only be damage if the front runner is dead.
It is very obvious that the front runner should be a Knight or Paladin because they have very high Hit Points compared to the other classes.
The only difference between those are their ATK/DEF TYPE, if it is Physical or Magical and it is currently bugged so there's no difference between Physical and Magical attributes.
Since Physical and Magical are currently bugged in the game, you can already have a fixed lined up for combat formation, except for Weapons which I will discuss it about later.
If the front runner is either Knight or Paladin, which class is better for rear battle position?
Skills are divided into two types: The AoE Skill type and a…

Clash of Knights Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Attacking, and Coupon Codes by NEOWIZ, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Clash of Knights Android/iOS Tip #1: Create a (Multi Account) If your main account, which is the account you are really playing for is already energy depleted.
You can create another account and make sure that your main account and the other account are friends in the game.
There are a lot of benefits you can receive for your main account when you have another account.
You can receive free energy from your other accounts.
You can also use their main character to help you in a mission but it can be use once and wait another 4 hours to use it again.
You can also gain diamonds when using other's main characters.

Having a strong main character in other accounts is easy. Just get the 5 star character from the daily login rewards. The 5 star Rabuel can easily be obtained through day 2 of  7 day login event.
Just use your extra weak characters to easily level up Rabuel.
You can also upgrade Rabuel by going to weekly dungeon and collect strength Stone.
You don't need to play your oth…

How to Play Real Cricket GO, Tips, Cheats for Android and iPhone.

Swipe Controls
You can change the joystick controls to swipe controls in settings.
Swipe on the screen as shown for playing your shots in the desired direction.

Virtual D-PAD
Allows you to select the direction in which you would like to hit the ball.
When the Bowler starts his RUN-UP, you need to move the joystick in the direction you wish to hit the ball.

Timing Meter
Displays how well you have timed your shot.
Perfect Timing give you the best results.

Shot Buttons
Allows you to execute the kind of shot you would like to play.
"Timing" of the shot is crucial, so as to get the best result.

How to Bowl Move the Pitch Pointer to the desired location by using the Joystick. Click ok to set the Pitch Pointer. Followed by selecting your delivery type. Set your desired swing/spin by dragging the arrow. After setting your swing/spin click ok. Mini Field View: Indicates the current field setting, to change the field tap on the field view. OK Button: Use this button to confirm the va…

Delivery From The Pain Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Survival, Attacking Zombies, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Delivery From The Pain Android/iOS Tip #1: Difficulty. Easy: Suitable for Newbie and those who want to complete the stages quickly to experience the whole story.
Normal: The difficulty of the game has been greatly improved, and it is suitable for players who have experience in some strategic end of day survival games. Unlock after simple difficulty.
Hard: Suitable for heavy players, want to extreme challenges to their own strategies and operational limits. Unlock after simple difficulty clearance.

Delivery From The Pain Android/iOS Tip #2: Movement and Sneaking Press the leftscreen, when the stick shown up then move the direction to control player's movement.
When the Interactively item nearby, click "palm icon" to interactive or just click item by using your finger.
When the entrance/exit nearby, click "palm icon" to interactive or just click icon shown on entrance/exit.

When there are zombies around you, you will enter SNEAK status automatically and move slowl…