Quest GLC.A014 File Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love: Guide and Answers.

You've found those stardust Shards. I have an extra reward for you. A friend left it here for the destined one

The GLC.A014 File of the Schmidt House has been unlocked... Would you like to read?

During a certain period of time, the lord of the Fire Throne captured many wandering poets and kept them in the palace to study documents from the god era.
There must be some reasons for the lord to be this interested in ancient documents so suddenly. I don't think he was actually into the documents themselves.
He also sent an expedition to search for something in the dragon area.
I guest the lord was looking for the ring lost in the dragon valley in ancient times which is believed to be able to command the dragons.
I wonder if he found it. To confirm this, I stayed in this wild jungle in the dragon valley for months and finally encountered the legendary, mysterious army.

I saw that ring. It was still on the dark leader's left hand.

They are called the black army. They are also known by another name...
Answer: Light of Stars.

I have documented the tales about the stardust Shards as the Stardust Glow of the Valhalla. Maybe one day someone will find out the true identity of the black army behind the valkyrie mask.
A secret investigator's report.


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