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Survival Heroes Tips & Tricks for Beginner's Guide, Equipment, Game Guide Cheats

There are four main types of equipment in survival heroes.
Head armor, chest armor, leg armor, and foot armor.
In addition, there are two other kinds of equipment: Binoculars and necklaces.
Putting on the helmet will increase your attributes substantially.

In addition to attribute bonuses, shoes and other foot equipment can increase your movement speed.
Binoculars will increase view distance.

Use the HP Potion to restore your health!
Be aware that if you take damage while the potion's recovery is still in effect, your HP recovery will be interrupted.

In the preparation area, you can move around freely here. There's also a handy timer to let you know when the match will began.

The airship will take you all the way across the map.
As soon as you've landed, make your way to the nearest buildings and start looking for resources.
Gather up all the equipment and items that you can use.

Pay attention to the Magic Barrier on the map.
There is a white circle on your map. When the …

Fan of Guns Tips & Tricks for Sniper, Melee Weapons, Game Guide Cheats

Melee Weapons.
If you have a melee weapon, your best strategy is to kill idle enemy players. If there's no idle enemy, you can target players that are busy shooting at your teammates. They will be vulnerable to your attack, just attacl them behind and aim to the head for higher damage.

Uzi, Akm, Machine Guns, and other rifles.
If you have those weapons, you can use your scope for better aiming and recoil if your enemy or enemies are at long distance. If the enemies is at near distance, you dont need to use scope, just shoot at them directly. Scope reduces your weapon fire rate.

If you have this weapon, just go to a place that you can safely snipe your enemies. Enemies that have a rifle can still hit you but it is much difficult and cannot kill you quickly. However you are still vulnerable to other enemies that have a sniper awm also.
AWM Sniper can kill enemy with just one bullet. Master your shooting skills with your awm and you can quickly wipe an enemy team easily.

Invite …

Missile RPG Tips & Tricks for Launchers, Uranium Game Guide Cheats

Laser Lock.
For a certain amount of time, your missiles will be fired automatically.
You can either watch an AD (If available) or use laser lock booster if Ads are not available.
Every time you use laser lock, you will receive 1 exp point for laser lock and when you reach 10 exp point, it will automatically level up your laser lock and adds 30 seconds to its previous duration.

Laser Lock is very helpful when you dont want to actively tap the screen.
You only need to watch an ad for 30 seconds or use laser lock booster and it will be worth it because the duration will be longer when you level up laser lock.

Laser Lock is more efficient after using Dropport (reset stage). You can sit back, relax and watch your character gain 100 stage or more, depending on your laser lock duration.

Launcher Upgrade.
There are seven Launcher Upgrade Equipment that can be obtained or level up if you already have one.
These equipment will help you beat enemies much more easier.
But you can only obtain them …

Kunlun Ruins Tips & Tricks for Retainer, League, Promo Codes Game Guide Cheats

Tribunal System.
Only the Retainers whose level are > 60 can be dispatched In Tribunal.
There are 4 free dispatch counts to fight within one day, countdown time is 60 minutes.
After the 4 free dispatch counts are used up, players can use Token oi Dispatch.
Letter of Challenge or Revenge to gain extra counts to Tribunal.

Players will be marked as Enemy in opponents enemy list after more than 4 of opponents Retainers are defeated.
The Attack at a Retainer is his total Aptitude while HP is his total Attributes.
The hunted party suffers double points deduction.
Tribunal Message requires: defeated no less than 20 Retainers of one opponent.
Being continuous listed over 5 times will be on top as News.

Retainer Aptitude.
Each Retainer possesses Aptitude books of four Attributes, the special disparity on different Aptitudes make Retainers capability differs from each other.
Higher Aptitude means the Retainer can gain more Attribute value when he levels up.

Meanwhile there's grade dispari…

Be The King Tips & Tricks for Increasing Power, and Other Systems, Gift Codes Game Guide Cheats

Confidants System.
You can choose 4 kinds of operation:  Cherish, Random Summon, Presents and Skill.

You can get 1 point of Intimacy and certain confidant EXP by Cherish (cost Gold, higher Intimacy cost more gold and maximum to 1000 Gold), and higher chance of giving birth to your offspring.

Giving presents to the confidants by consuming corresponding items can increase the value of Intimacy or Charm.

Skills can improve the Attribute of confidante‘ corresponding Retainers by consuming oonfidanfs EXP.

Random Summon (cost Vigour) can increase confidant EXP with certain chance of giving birth to offspring. VIP3 can unlock 1-Tap Summon (1-Tap Summon won‘t give birth to offspring).
Vigour will recover every 30 mins. Elixir of Vigour can be used to recover all your vigour

Strength - Important Attribute in Campaign fights and Dungeon fights, higher Strength make it faster to pass the fights (With lower Troops consumption as well);

Intelligence - The value of Intelligence Attribute decides …

Novenia Tips & Tricks for Equipment, Friend, Ancient Relic, Gift Codes Game Guide Cheats

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Equipment Tips
1. Each partner can wear 4 piece of equipment, weapon, armor, necklace, ring respectively.
2. Partner could only wear the equipment corresponding to their own occupation and grade.
3. Equipment can be Enhanced, which need to consume corresponding grade, part and occupation of equipment.
4. During the Enhancing, if use lower-quality equipment as material, extra Mana Crystal need to be consumed (Mana Crystal can be achieved by dissambling equipment and material.
5. Equipment can be achieved during the Exploration of forming a team.
6. After acquired new equipment, you can check it in equipment warehouse or magic crystal workshop.

Friend Tips.
1. The number of friends you can add will increase with the level of increase.
2. Players can give gifts to 20 players a day.
3. Players can pick up 20 gifts a day…