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The War of Genesis Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Attacking, Guild, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

The War of Genesis Tip #1: Battle Tips
To go into battle, touch the monster on the field and let your machina rally unto the monster.
Basically, the battle is done automatically, but can also be controlled manually by joining the battle.
Also, To the monster defeated once before, you can proceed with automatic battle.

- Laboratory: You can get buffs through research of leadership, battle, hero gear, and airship gear.
- Admiral Traits: With Admral Trait Points earned by admiral level-up, you can get buffs.
- Hero/Airship Gears: By equipping hero/airship gears, you can get buffs.
- Research of Machina: By research of machinas at Hangar, you can get buffs which make machinas stronger.
- VIP Buffs: Depending on your VIP level, you can get more buffs.
- Guild Traits: Through researching guild traits, you can earn various buffs.
- Title: If you hold title of Legionaire Rank, Shakbari's Hardship Ranking, Kashumir Joust Ranking, you will get buffs.
- Aedura System: There are 5 buffs…